Boomspur is a social network with a personal touch, bringing the human connection gained from in-person communication to online social media. Boomspur encourages users to debate and express their experiences, emotions, and ideas.

Throughout face-to-face communication, tone and body language account for 93% of the overall message, while words themselves account for only 7%. Traditional social networks rely on comments composed of words and emojis to interact with posted-content, but this fails to capture 93% of the face-to-face communication experience. Boomspur solves this problem by having users react in direct response to posted-content with a personalized video or selfie.

Boomspur is proud to present the following innovative features:

  • Live Reactions – React with a photo or video to posted-content; Visual Comments
  • Expiring Posts – Ability to customize when a post is no longer visible
  • Age Range Slider – Share posts with people within a range of ages of your choosing
  • Revisit Expired Posts – Only you have access to your original expired content

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Boomspur is a young social media app with numerous improvements and innovative features on the way.

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Boomspur values your input, please reach out with any thoughts: about@boomspur.com